Looking for a life...newly married late 40's...

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Looking for a life...newly married late 40's...

Post by BonnieandLance » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:41 pm

Hello...my husband and I are interested in finding other married couples to hang out with now and then. He just moved down here from a SMALL town in northern Minnesota and is used to knowing everyone, so it was a huge culture shock when he got to East Mesa. We are both in the medical field...non smokers...occasional social drinkers...and we're HILARIOUS! :lol: We like to explore Arizona, go to dinner, play pool, play games, watch movies, light hiking, and are open to suggestions. We recently went to our first Opera and actually enjoyed it. The point is, we're tired of sitting home every night watching tv and would like to get more active and find some friends. If you want a new couple to hang out with...let us know. :)

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Re: Looking for a life...newly married late 40's...

Post by Rob/RobynYuma » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:14 pm

Hello, we just moved to Yuma, Az in Oct. we move from Reno. We are 55/46 couple that have been married for almost 24yrs. We have 3 adult children. Our oldest lives in Va. and our two boys live here with us here in Yuma. We are on this site because we don't have any family or friends in Az. I would like to chat with you and if you guys ever come to Yuma maybe we can hang out.

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