Idaho couple demographics and meet ?

Meet Couples from Idaho
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Idaho couple demographics and meet ?

Post by Travelers » Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:47 am

We are some kind of aged couple.... Middle we think, but maybe old depending on how young you are. Wife is 56 and I am 55. We are typically home bodies with few family around and no close friends near by. We do love to travel and be outdoors, be tourist but not in tourist trap areas. Crowds do not make it. Tent camping or sleeping in a pick up with the dogs vastly preferred to swank, downtown hotel.... ATV for me and horses for wife. Warm chair in sun with a book for her and a fishing pole for me. Grill for everything and everybody.

We do travel extensively in ID, OR, WA and NM.

I don't know what to expect this to lead to. I was thinking if someone wanted to suggest a place to meet while camping would be great. That is all the excuse we need to go..... We have most every toy for tent camping we could want, extra tents, large wall tent with stove, extra cots, etc. etc.

Being Idaho, everybody camps and des outdoor stuff, maybe we should do couples rendevous to start if we get more than 2 couples with interest?

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Re: Idaho couple demographics and meet ?

Post by Couplafriends » Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:52 am

You two still looking for couples to camp,fish, BBQ outdoor fun... with and such. We are middle age as well. 52 and 58.

If so lets hear back from ya. We are traveling to Missoula tomorrow 7/15 and planning on doing Lolo hotspring in the later afternoon, early evening and Polson MT, flathead lake area on Thursday 7/16. We are not camping but still would not mind meeting up with folks for a future trip.

Let's hear back from ya if interested in doing a little trip!


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