Hello from Saint Louis, Missouri

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Hello from Saint Louis, Missouri

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Good Morning, ALL! I guess we are the new guys on the site on Wednesday, August 19th. We have a home in Saint Louis, Missouri (west county) and are looking for people interested in expanding their circle of friends to share the pleasures of life. No, you need not be married, as we are, but the sharing part is sincere. No hook-ups, but sharing watching movies, board, games, cooking, eating out, gardening, travel (USA and beyond), all the good things available to us through our gay sensibilities! We have looked into a few organizations in Saint Louis and found them to have many cliques, much high-drama, or other things that waste good energy. We are relaxed, sincere, and genuine, and value the same in our friends. I am Bob, a retired interior designer, and Terry is a registered nurse and still working. Come! Contact us and let's enjoy life.
Terry and Bob
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Hello from Saint Louis Missouri

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Buongiorno We were in Positano on the Amalfi Coast a few weeks ago for vacation, and my wife is from Calabria. What part of Italy are you from?
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