checking in from Frisco, Tx...

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checking in from Frisco, Tx...

Post by A_oh_K » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:31 pm

sup, my wife (33yrs) and I ( just turned 36yrs) checking in for the first time to say hey, and see how many people come on this forum! my wife and I are looking for others with similar interests as us and hope to meet some cool people...

feel free to check out our profile and ask any questions, I don't mind...

btw, I'm the "A" and my better half is the "K" in our username... oh, and we're are always up for social events so let us know if anything cool pops up! Not big into clubs unless it's a special occasion but enjoy going to cool bars... piano bars, sports bars, and some pool halls... Now let me know if any car guys frequent this page because I have a bit of a passion for anything performance oriented ;-)

Anyways,time for dinner so we are out:-P
hope to get some activity here and see how it turns out!
Don't lie, you do too! lmbo!!!

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