Is there anybody like us

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Is there anybody like us

Post by Boredfriends » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:41 pm

Okay i am gonna do this and i feel so desperate doing this but me and my wife are bored. We work from home and have two kids and live in a small town and we do not really get into farming but love the country over the city and bars or sports really not are things either.
We do not smoke and only drink once in a great while. If you do all of that to each is own. We are well put together and have a beautiful happy marriage so neither one of us want to find a couple to do things outside the four of us. So no guys night or girls nights out.
We can not seem to find anybody like us. We like playing pool in our home or video games or sitting around a fire or would like to go places with other couples that has kids like museums or nature walks.
We just want like minded couples we can finally click with. We are looking for couples with kids but its not a must but it just gives our kids somebody too hang out with too
We really do get shuned since we do not get out much and my wife dont click with the hen house crowd lol. She is the gamer girl, art/photography, tomboy type. So she dont get into gossip parties. I think its gonna be a miracle to find people we can click with. We have had some close friends move and have had some just out of no where stab us in the back. So its hard to trust anymore.

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