dallas couple looking for other couples to hang out with

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dallas couple looking for other couples to hang out with

Post by dannyandsteph » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:59 pm

31 and 31 here looking for under 40 and over 25 to hang out with... we have 3 kids 9, 8, & 3.
As we have gotten older we have found it’s become harder and harder to find friends in our area with similar interests, we both are still in school to further our educations and he is working on his second degree, she is a typical busy mom who loves her family, he likes guns, and to play golf and be out as a family on our boat... we all like to go tubing and etc. We would like to find other couples with or without kids to have fun with, with/without our kids... Dinner, dancing, drinks etc... You know adult stuff... finding couples with kids in our kids range would be nice so they have playmates, but not necessary
We are not swingers or anything like that and we are not looking for that thanks...

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Re: dallas couple looking for other couples to hang out with

Post by melnkel427 » Thu May 31, 2012 5:46 pm

hi, im a white female age 35, my husband is a black male age 31. we noticed your post being the only one in texas, lol, and figured what the heck lets respond. we live in greenville, we just moved here from east texas, we have gone on craigslist to find new friends and it was a bit of a disaster lol alot of people looking for swingers etc, we are also not looking for that kind of thing. our hobbies are fishing, camping, swimming, and basically any outdoor activities. he likes to play sports like basketball and he also enjoys watching the games on tv. we dont have any children together but i do from a previous marriage, so i will have lots in common with a mother such as yourself. we are just looking for a couple to hang out with, dinner, drinks, weekends on the lake etc. well maybe we will hear back from you! :D

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