Gamer couple looking for other gamers

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Gamer couple looking for other gamers

Post by tmillerofde » Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:34 am

We're not married but we've been together more than 12 years now and we don't really see either of us going anywhere so we're pretty good with how things are. Prolly the only reason we haven't gotten married is just cause it's such a pain but we've been talking about it recently just cause it would allow her to put me on her health insurance.. that's a good reason, right? ;p

We're both gamers.. PC, console, pen & paper (D&D), you name it.. and we're just kinda looking for other gamers to do stuff with. Doesn't HAVE to be just gaming but that would be cool too. Just looking to make some friends to hang out with maybe watch movies together or do BBQs or just whatever. NOT looking for any hanky panky wife swapping thing or anything like that at all, just friends. We're both older, she's 39 and I just turned 41 so we're not really into the party scene or going out drinking till all hours of the night though we do occasionally hit up the local bar for a little bit but that's more her scene than mine since I have epilepsy so I'm not really supposed to drink.. but I still do anyways.. but only a little. XD

But anyways.. yeah.. if you're looking for a down to earth couple to hang out with and talk to then feel free to give us a shout.

PS We're not into the 420 scene like at all.. she works for the state so she can't even be around the stuff cause of the random drug testing they do so if that's your thing then please keep it at home.

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Re: Gamer couple looking for other gamers

Post by 405nicole » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:17 pm

Hello, we are a married African American couple from Wilmington, DE. We're also looking for another couple to hang out with. Say games, movies, dinner, BBQ's, trips. He is 39yrs and I am 34 years old. We're not into the swapping partners stuff. Just want to find friends that are in a couple & wanna have coupled friends. Sick of our single friends if you know what I mean. Anyway, please get back to us.

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