Looking for couples with similar interest

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Looking for couples with similar interest

Post by rockit2u » Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:31 am

Long time married couple in south jersey seeks occasional get-togethers with other couples with similar interest. In our 50s look like we're in our 40s and sometimes act like we're in our 30s lol. I play the drums (for fun now), and used to play at the Galaxy nightclub in Somerdale NJ , now I just play for stress relief. Wife was a singer and that's how we met. We live in Camden County, South Jersey, I'm from G.C. wife is from Manhattan NY.
Were young at heart so don't let the age thing turn you off. My wife is funny, smart, half Japanese and Greek who can sing like Linda Ronstadt (google her youngins), unfortunately, she has some health issues that only limit her mobilities "to a point" so physical activities aren't her strong suit.
Me, I work out, love all and most physical activities and really love dancing. Also we (me), like football, MMA, UFC.
We both love a good sci-fi, action, drama, comedy movie or just shooting the breeze with some nice craft beer (me).

We don't have many personal friends and would love to meet and make new ones, if we sound interesting then don't hesitate to contact!
Also bk118x AT gmail.com
And if we're being totally honest, not interested in meeting anyone who believes Trump is good for this country.
Just keeping it real folks...

Been here since Feb and no one finds us interesting enough to even bother emailing or such ???????? Staring to think either this site or people, in general, are lame. Signed disappointed... :twisted:

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