New Boat!!

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New Boat!!

Post by funguyz » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:53 pm

We are a couple in Meridian who loves to have fun! We camp, boat, raft, play softball, go to concerts, have UTVs, travel, BBQs, etc. Weekends are mini holidays for us! We are in our forties, professionals, clean cut, successful careers, and middle income. We don't smoke and can't be around smokers. We don't do drugs but we like to have our cocktails!! We laugh and joke and just have fun. We are looking for upbeat, positive people who pay their share and are givers rather than takers. We already have friends that are takers and have negatives attitudes. Life is too short to be bitter!

We just bought a brand new 2019 Wake boarding boat. We would love to find some couple who are down to go and pitch in for gas!

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