Texas: North Dallas Suburbs - Any Movie Lovers Out There?

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Texas: North Dallas Suburbs - Any Movie Lovers Out There?

Post by PocketAndButton » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:43 pm

Any Frisco/Plano/Allen area married couples in their 30's or 40's out there who love going to movies, discussing films and/or having dinner parties at home? We have a six year old son and don't get out much due to the cost of babysitting, but would very much like to make room for more adult time in our lives... even if it's only once a month. We understand that family comes first, but why is it that once we start having kids, no one has any time to hang out anymore? We are fairly new to the area, so it's been tough meeting new friends. Please read our profile for specific movie interests and other details about us & hopefully we can chat soon!

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