Non conventional couple looking for new friends - 30 to 50

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Non conventional couple looking for new friends - 30 to 50

Post by ALTcoupleMTL » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:54 am

Well established couple - late thirties and early forties - both look great and love alternative fashion and dressing sharp.
We are seeking open minded, fun, clean and independent mature couple with common interests to share a long lasting friendship/relationship which would not only include kink and fantasy but also sharing in normal everyday activities such as travelling, road trips, fine dining etc..
We Love to dance and party on occasion and dressing the part. Private fetish events are always fun.
Sharing pictures is possible but in private only.

She loves: Ghost stories, Ufos, Horror movies, Cooking, Spas, Road trips, candle light, interior design, Painting, Cabin rentals, Camping, Travelling, Favorite Music: Electro, EBM, Classic Jazz

He loves: Keyboards, Swimming, Ping Pong, Travelling, Cabin rentals, Beautiful women, as a Social kinkster he loves women shoes Favorite Music: Electro, EBM, Drum&Bass
He hates : Hockey and other tv Sports

PLEASE NOTE: Although we both enjoy Fantasy and Kink we are NOT SWINGERS. We are simply looking for similar open minded couples.

Meet you soon!!! :-)

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