Normal couple seeks same in/around Everett, WA

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Normal couple seeks same in/around Everett, WA

Post by JG & PG » Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:57 pm

Hello, we are a couple of 2+ years in a stable, drama, free long term relationship. We are seeking another mature drama free couple. we are both employed full time. "She" is 21, "he" is 23.

(tl;dr?: We are normal/clean/sane/intelligent couple, not looking for sex or drama. We are in our early twenties, but very mature. We don't smoke, but don't mind if you do. We don't have kids, but don't mind if you do. We are not religiously, politically, or any other "-ly" polarized.)

She is:
- An amateur ornithologist, with an interest focused more on domesticated birds, then wild ones. She has a painted conure (+10 points to you, if you actually know what kind of bird that is, without looking it up...)

- Intelligent, extremely shy, very quiet (at least until you she gets to know you)

- A professional aquarist, with beautiful freshwater and saltwater tanks setup in our home.

- A fan of sales, especially value village, goodwill, big lots etc. Nothing trashy/tacky/dirty/junk, but actually useful reasonably priced items. (For example, we found K-cup holders in perfect condition for our Keurig :D)

- A fan of a wide variety of fiction, across multiple platforms; examples include: Dr. Who (tv), Skyrim (XBox), Marvel (that's Iron Man, Avengers, etc) (movies), and the "Thin Man" series from the 1930's (books, movies)

- A fan of geocaching, even though we don't get out to cache near often enough.

- Former smoker, 420 friendly (although does not partake herself), and very accepting.

He is:
- A geek. Especially when it comes to computers or cell phones.

- Addicted to coffee

- Enjoys going to the shooting range, and is a RESPONSIBLE gun owner.

- Outgoing, but with enough common sense to know when to shut his mouth. Polite, but not to the point of self deprecation.

- Enjoy's getting out, but does not always have the motivation to do so.

- Hates writing about himself, especially in the third person. Much more of a conversationalist in person.. :lol:

We are...
- Private, but non-judgmental. We don't care if you smoke (420 or cigs), but we don't (the occasional cigar not withstanding). Your gender, sexual preference, and age will not bother us

- Clean, sane, rational human beings

-Not looking for anything sexual or romantic in any way shape or form

- Child-less (and not trying yet!), but open to other couples that have children, so long as they are reasonably well behaved

- Not religious, but both raised in religious households. Neither took to strongly too it after adulthood. If you are, that is fine, so long as you don't attempt to sell it to us. Honestly, we live within 3 square miles of ~15 churches. We get door to door bible salesmen on a weekly basis. We are looking for friends, not religion. we will not mention religion again, in person or otherwise :)

What we'd like is to meet another couple that either has similar interests, or has interests they would like to share with others. We'd love to share our interests with you as well :)

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Re: Normal couple seeks same in/around Everett, WA

Post by LosMercados » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:38 pm

Finally someone people that live near us!!! We're living Mountlake terrace right now and find it ahrd to find other young couples who dont have kids! We're 22 and 23 and tired of newly wed stigmas! We're normal i guess and would love to hang out! If you'd like we can meet up somewhere or we dont mind hosting.
Get in touch with us via my iphone, i dont check this site like ever.
Call or text 425 429 0992

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Re: Normal couple seeks same in/around Everett, WA

Post by Bubbnifes » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:36 pm

Hello, we are looking for friends to chill with and go geocaching with. We live in the Seattle area. She's 23, he's 21. If you're interested in hanging out hit me up at (253)448-5065.

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