Interracial Couple looking for friends and cohorts!

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Interracial Couple looking for friends and cohorts!

Post by sharonchase » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:50 pm

We’re an interracial couple located and living in downtown St. Louis, that’s looking to meet other couples. Interracial is not necessary however, it’s a big plus. First and foremost, we are NOT swingers or in any way interested in meeting people for sexual encounters. Second, we love our Harley and want to find other couples that love to ride as we do however, that is not a mandate. What it does mean however, is that if you don’t ride, you have to be open to the idea that we do. And always will. We’re hoping to meet open-minded, open-hearted people that love life and the idea of exploring the city’s offerings, and perhaps even venturing outside of the metro (if you ride, bike rallies, bike weeks, etc.). Ideally, we’d like to meet people that define their own normal and not transfixed by the “status quo”, or living within the “check boxes”. For the stats, he’s black and 49. She’s mixed and 34. Both of us love life, laughter, good conversation, exploring the city/area/state/regions and beyond. Ultimately, we just wanna meet other cool people to get to know.

We have no small children at home, and as a result, we have a bit of freedom that allows for us to do last minute excursions. This, of course, doesn't mean that if you have children, we can't meet but, we thought that we would include that, since we do have that flexibility. And speaking of last minute; spontaneity is a blessing!

Finally, sorry but, smokers and heavy drinkers (though we do enjoy a cocktail with friends, this is not about drinking as the main pastime), drug users (including 420) are not our cup o’ tea. We're not passing judgment, nor condemning anyone that indulges in such things, it's just that for us, it's not our thing.

Anyway, write us and let’s see if we have some common interests!

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