John/MaryAnn lives in Mt we would love to make new friends

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John/MaryAnn lives in Mt we would love to make new friends

Post by parkerforever2006 » Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:16 pm

we been married since July 6 2006 and we got everything in common we love to do things indoors and outdoors and love to travel and do things to stay postive and we have an small pomerian his name is Snowball and our dream is to become an parents but, been trying to get preg for an year but I m not giving up and I m deaf and my husband John is hearing I do a lot of sign language and he is learning everyday and I would love to pass to help others who would love to take the time to learn things from us John is awesome, caring, sweetest man I never met we were meant for each other and when we were going down the road in Tx god gave us an sign with the cross in the sky we will never never going forget it it was the best night we had we hope we will hear from yall soon also we are thinking about moving back to Tx about 3 to 6 months :D

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