Good Morning everyone!

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Good Morning everyone!

Post by TempistMar5472 »

This is a new experience, and here is to hoping it works :) we are a middle age couple in upstate ny just looking for people to talk to. it doesnt matter where in the world you are, we just want to start a basis for friendship and see how things go! We are both very open minded people and can talk about really anything. I hope to hear from someone soon!! Have a great day!!
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Re: Good Morning everyone!

Post by Mac »

Same here for us. We live in San Diego, but I am from WNY.
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Re: Good Morning everyone!

Post by markuslavin »

Agreement on what success means at such an early stage is crucial because you can rely on it for the remainder of the project. If, for example, the design team wants to build an inclusive app by for a diverse user group, they can raise diversity as a specific success criterion during the kickoff. If the client agrees, the team can refer back to that promise throughout the project. “As we agreed in our first meeting, having a diverse user group that includes A and B is necessary to build a successful product. So we do activity X and follow research process Y.” Compare those odds to a situation in which the team didn’t agree to that beforehand and had to ask for permission halfway through the project. The client might argue that that came on top of the agreed scope—and she’d be right.
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